Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Alpro Soya Drinks without Soya!

Did you know that not only do Alpro do yummy soya products but now their new Almond and Hazelnut drinks are soya free too. This is great news for all dairy free and soya free people.

Alpro Almond Milk

A subtle taste of almonds at only 48 calories per 200ml glass. This new drink is packed full of vitamins and minerals. To make it even better it contains no saturated fat, artificial colours, flavours or preservatives either. Alpro suggest trying this over cereal but why not add it to meals or bake with it too?

Alpro Hazelnut Drink

The taste of hazelnuts in a smooth, creamy drink only 58 calories per 200ml glass. As with the Almond Milk this drink is packed full of vitamins, is very low in saturated fat and contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservative. I'm looking forward to a creamy, alcoholic, dairy free cocktail now it is possible.

Both are available in the chiller cabinet or long life section of most supermarkets.

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