Friday, 10 February 2012

Watch out for hidden Lactose!
What has lactose added that you may not expect? Lactose can be used in ways you would least expect. Here are some of the products I have found:
  • Medicine - This is a major one for me, I was prescribed painkillers after the birth of my baby and was taking lactose 3 times a day every day! Not great for me and a big failing on behalf of the doctors surgery. Ask your surgery if they have lactose free alternatives afterall they are supposed to be there for your health!
  • Condiments especially Tomato Ketchup - Some companies add lactose some don't so check the ingredients.
  • Crisps - Who would have thought that salt and vinegar crisps needed milk powder? There are a few that don't add it but most do. 
  • Processed food - Ready meals use many different dairy products. The best way of increasing your meal options is going back to basics. Ask your granny for some good old recipes that you can tweek. It's a great chance to improve your cooking skills. The biggest motivation is having more tasty foods that you can eat.
This is a list in progress so please check for new posts!

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