Monday, 19 March 2012

After much deliberation over flavours and a few days testing and tasting my Plamil Review is written. What a vast range of flavours and features for one company to offer. The range is suitable for so many people, vegan/vegetarian, dairy free, organic, gluten free, nut free and GM free. With all these advantages how could I resist tasting and reviewing Plamil. In summary, Plamil Foods offer anything from an everyday chocolate snack to fine cooking ingredients and experimental tastes. If you are dairy free and have been missing some popular dairy brands of chocolate then Plamil has an alternative for you.

Dairy Free Alternative to Milk Chocolate -
A smooth, sweet, easy to eat everyday bar that tastes similar to Christmas Tree Chocolates from my childhood.

Organic Dairy Free White Chocolate -
A mild, subtle, taste that builds as you eat it, with a grainy texture and a satisfying after taste that leaves you wanting more.

Organic Luxury Chocolate 70% Cocoa -
Deep, plain chocolate with great flavour and quality. There is no bitter aftertaste. This would be great for eating or cooking.

Rum Flavour Organic Chocolate with Raisins 60% Cocoa -
A rather odd initial taste with a hint of rum, shame the raisins are only sprinkled on top.

Organic Mint Chocolate 60% Cocoa -
Plain chocolate taste with a refreshing true, peppermint flavour. All the vapour benefits of real peppermint oil in a great tasting bar. Mint Aero and After Eights this isn't but a truly yummy dairy free, mint chocolate it certainly is!

Organic Orange Chocolate 60% Cocoa -
A strong, sweet and tasty chocolate orange. For those missing chocolate orange in their diet this is a must have. Another true orange flavour provide by real orange oil. A very addictive purchase!

Dairy Free Carob Confectionery -
Not having tried carob before I didn't know what to expect, in hind site I may have given it a miss. Unfortunately, I can not give you a true review of this product as I detest liquorice and carob certainly has that flavour. In its defence I would say from what I tasted the bar was strong, not overly sweet and if you like liquorice and can not have chocolate then give it a shot!

Plamil offer many other flavours that over time I will buy and try very happily. Reasonably priced starting at £1.83 rrp for 100g bar. A great company for Free From, Organic, GM Free and Vegan consumers everywhere.


  1. Oh I feel sorry for you, having to taste all that chocolate must have been a real ordeal!!!!! Thanks for this, I am going out to buy some of the dark chocolate today x

  2. Haha! Its a tough job! Well actually the aistline may suffer soon!!
    I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.