Sunday, 25 March 2012

Easter Eggs

Even dairy free can be chocolate filled this Easter, read on and enjoy Easter this year!
There is a sense of pride in seeing something that has been especially made for you when you have a specialist dietary requirement and even more when it has been made in Britain. Almost all the chocolates featured on this review are made in Britain..

Booja Booja have done it again!

I have been looking forward to purchasing my Booja Booja Easter Egg from the moment I saw them announced online. I know its rather sad but I was excited walking into my local health food shop and seeing them on the shelf. I was not disappointed when I sat down last night to unwrap it. The beautifully, hand painted egg contains three delicious truffles of the highest quality and flavour. Although they appear small at 34.5g, each mouthful is perfect and you are left with an exquisite memento for years to come. I would thoroughly recommend these as a gift or as a grown up present to yourself this Easter.
£9.99 rrp for small egg 34.5g
£24.00 rrp for large egg 138g

MooFree for a fun filled Easter

This egg sums up a childhood Easter. You have all the great components, a funky box picturing a cute Easter bunny, the sparkly foil wrapper and a chocolate egg to break with a satisfying crunch. The chocolate made by MooFree is creamy and tasty, great for adults or children and dairy and soya free (they may contain traces of soya and nuts).
£3.99 rrp 100g egg

Kinnerton should not be overlooked. This colourful and tasty chocolate egg from Kinnerton has been carefully made in a dairy, gluten, egg and nut free factory. Available in most supermarkets Kinnerton has worked hard to have a fun Easter treat for all dietary requirements. The creamy
 tasting chocolate is wrapped in sparkly foil, encased in moulded plastic packaging and a fun brightly coloured box. You also get an 85g bar of Kinnerton chocolate, making this a great value buy. This egg would not be distinguishable from any other Easter egg if it wasn't for the writing on the box letting you know it was dairy free. Perfect for adults or children who don't want to be different this Easter just because they can't eat dairy!
£5.00 for 195g

Kinnerton also bring you fantastic character eggs. These children's classics also come with jellies, helping to feed this sweet tooth time of year.

The following Easter eggs may contain traces of dairy or are made in factories using dairy. If you are lucky enough to be able to tolerate these then these treats are available for you.

Dark chocolate all the way with the Thorntons Easter Egg
£3.50 for 153g

Glossy and sophisticated, Divine offer two sizes of dark chocolate eggs
Large £6.00 for 140g
Small £3.00 for 55g

Wow! The picture may be small but this Montezumas Luxury Giant Ecuadorian Egg weighs in at a whopping 600g. And it comes complete with edible gold detailing.

Montezumas Dark Giant Buttons Egg has all the fun of being a big kid but with dark chocolate.
£13.99 for 350g

Last but not least, Montezumas bring you Organic Dark Chocolate Cheeky Easter Bunnies. Why they are cheeky I do not know but they look fun, festive and tasty.
£4.99 for 90g


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