Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Mulu Raw Chocolate

Here I am again enjoying dairy free (also gluten, soya, refined cane sugar and chemical free) chocolate which is raw, made in the UK and extremely tasty.
Mulu Raw Chocolate have a fabulous product range which ticks all the boxes when looking for free from chocolate. The chocolate comes in Silk (milk chocolate equivalent), dark, dark with raw cacao nibs and buttons (big and chunky with child friendly packaging).

"handcrafted using natural ingredients at low temperatures, the high concentration of antioxidants and multiple nutrients found in raw cacao reach you virtually intact, optimised by our unique recipes which are free from dairy products, raw cane sugar, gluten and soya."

The description tells you many reasons why Mulu is the chocolate for you but above all these chocolate bars are well packaged, in great chunky solid bars or buttons, at a reasonable price and are meant to be eaten and enjoyed. When you open the box the smell is divine and mouth watering. The flavour is sweet, creamy (for buttons and silk versions) and genuinely chocolatey with no nasty aftertaste. The texture is smooth and addictive with a great crunch when bitten into. Prices range from £1.00 for buttons and £2.79 for boxed bars.

You are certainly rewarded for your purchase from this fantastic little company. Thank you Mulu.

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