Saturday, 14 April 2012

Tesco Free From Chocolate Bar
How disappointing!

Having been unable to find my favourite dairy free buttons (see earlier post) today I stumbled across this effort from the Tesco Free From Range. However, I'm not sure I should have bothered. I hate to sound ungrateful when a Free From product is offered but this was very disappointing. At a whopping 75p for just 35g you would expect a tasty chocolate bar, but although sweet and chunky this bar tasted very little of chocolate and was gone far too quickly. Come on Tesco stop promising products for a growing market if you can't deliver!


  1. I agree, i was not very impressed with tesco either, and a lot was out of stock too!
    Asda do chocolate orange buttons and bars, they are really nice, but the bars are a similar price to tesco though :( but i can never resist chocolate buttons!

  2. Have just been told Tesco will no longer be stocking Dairy Free Buttons, they are coming across very badly at the momment. I haven't searched Asda for Free From but have heard good things.

  3. Those Asda buttons are ok but I wasn't impressed plus I wish they would stop adding Orange to the dairy free chocolate, I am also allergic to Orange along with dairy :(