Monday, 21 May 2012

Caramel Flavoured Choices
Dairy Free Chocolates

Once again my taste buds have become obsessed with a sweet dairy free delight. These individually wrapped caramel filled chocolates are indulgent and moreish without costing more than your average large bar of dairy chocolate.
Ever since I found out I was lactose intolerant I have been looking for the perfect treat that I can eat when watching a film or having friends over. Something that I can snack on guiltily when you don't need the calories but you really want them!
Choices website doesn't appear to work even though it is printed on the packaging, so I am unable to investigate further on any other products they make. But who cares? For now we have a dairy, wheat, gluten and egg free, vegetarian and vegan blessings individually wrapped in a little white box.
Available from Morrison's for £2.50 and also spotted at other large supermarkets.

Lets hope these stay on our free from shelves!


  1. I had these in my Easter egg, they are rather good, I've noticed before about their website, it is rather frustrating plus can't be good for business

  2. I did find an old link to the CEO but it was on another blog and a while ago, very strange but won't stp me enjoying their products.

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