Saturday, 12 May 2012

Co operative Free From Chocolate Sandwich Cream Biscuits

I am most fortunate to have a family that support me with my dairy free diet. On reaching my parents house recently for a week away, Mum presented me with a host of dairy free goodies including a box of Co op chocolate sandwich cream biscuits. On any ordinary dairy filled diet these would not have been overly appealing to me, however, knowing that there are new dairy free delights that I have not yet sampled always fills me with a ray of hope for my dairy free existence.

These biscuits are extremely tasty and satisfying. The texture is soft and crumbly and the filling generous and creamy. The mild chocolate taste is sweet and you can taste the vanilla flavouring in the cream filling.  From the first crunch to the last crumb I enjoyed the whole pack pretty much to myself as the rest of my family are sweet enough to let me indulge in my mission for finding dairy free goodies without needing to try products themselves. Of course when something is really good it's great to share it with others dairy free or not.

These biscuits happen to be gluten free too and are available in most Co op stores. 


  1. Ooo! Not seen those round our way! Are you OK with Tesco value Bourbons? Not Free From, but not made with milk. (May contain milk, not sure.)

  2. Hi, apologies on the slow response! These are my current favourites. I think I've tried the Tesco bourbons, I know the value digestives are fine, which is great for a cheesecake base made with the dairy free fudge posted earlier on this blog :)