Monday, 4 June 2012

Lactofree - Lactose Free Dairy Products

Until very recently I had taken for granted Lactofree and had been known to even winge a little about stock issues! However, there is no mistaking that if you are lactose intolerant Lactofree is essential to your weekly shop.

Lactofree by Arla is a range of real dairy products that have been specially treated to reduce the lactose content to less than 0.03%, trace level (it is not suitable for milk allergy sufferers or those with galactosaemia). The wide range of everyday dairy products includes hard and soft cheese, full fat and semi skimmed milk (in fresh, long life and portion packs), cream, spreadable butter, fruit yoghurt and ice cream. 

Lactofree has enabled me to continue eating meals at home without any sacrifices.  As Lactofree contains real dairy you can use all of the products in cooking with virtually the same properties as foods containing lactose. The taste of these products is absolutely the same as "normal" dairy. People will not believe you but the cheese does taste like cheese and the butter does taste like butter! I have held a dinner party for friends with Lactofree products and they couldn't tell the difference.The milk portion packs also enable me to take "my milk" with me when going out. This always gets a few looks of intrigue or confusion but is much more sophisticated than taking milk in a jar or plastic bottle! An added bonus is that due to the treatment of the ice cream it doesn't produce ice crystals in the freezer and therefore retains its wonderful creamy taste and texture for longer. That is if you don't eat it all straight away!

The popularity of Lactofree is obviously huge for those who know they are lactose intolerant but Lactofree have a special place in my heart as they helped me to self diagnose. Their website, Facebook page, Twitter presence and packaging all have a miriad of ideas, tips and advice on what to look for when finding out if you are lactose intolerant. This information was key for me being able to approach my GP and ask for more medical advice and support.

Finally, Lactofree products are stocked in all of the major supermarkets. Unfortunately not all stores will carry the full range. Some have just the milk while others have every product. If you are lucky enough to have the full range please enjoy them. If you haven't seen any of the products or want more in your local stores then please join me in raising your concerns with your supermarket.

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