Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Fabulous Fudge Factory

Fabulous Fudge Factory

It has come to my attention that this amazing dairy free fudge has become easily available meaning we can all enjoy an old favourite!

Fabulous Fudge Factory is the free from division of Winning Ways Fine Foods Ltd. They decided to produce a fudge product and a coconut ice for the free from market and have done an excellent job. The ingredients contain soya but leave no detectable soya taste. It is of course dairy free but also vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, GM free, no artificial colours or flavours and no hydrogenated fats, phew! That's quite a list of free from markets covered - excellent news.

The texture is a great copy of fudge using real dairy ingredients and the taste is creamy and sweet as it should be. Myself and my friend swore that we could taste a hint of aniseed but I'm not sure how as none of the ingredients would lead to this! Maybe something else we had both eaten that day. Of course the only answer is to buy some more and test it again!

I found it in a large Sainsburys near me whilst on a mission to hoard new dairy free treats. Priced at £2.15 for a 200g bag I snapped it up and will be going back for more at the next opportunity.

Maybe I will have to add this to the products listed on www.lovelactosefreelife.co.uk !

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