Thursday, 12 July 2012

Kara Dairy Free Coconut Drink

After reading several reports recently on the benefits of coconuts to your diet I was pleased to find both the original and chocolate versions of Kara Dairy Free in local supermarkets.

I have to admit I am not blown away by the taste of these drinks. I am probably spoilt by using cream of coconut from cartons in my cooking which is much thicker and has few added ingredients. Kara Dairy Free is made with a high percentage of water (at least 90%) before any coconut is added and this is apparent in the texture and taste. However, Kara Dairy Free is perfectly drinkable and less of a challenge to your palate than soya milk. As an added bonus the chocolate version can be drunk hot or cold and would make a quick and cheap alternative to regular hot chocolate.

I have to say that if you can't have dairy, goats milk, sheep's milk or soya then coconut milk is a valuable addition to your diet. Kara add calcium to the already nutritionally rich coconut milk. Therefore Kara provides as much calcium as equal quantities of semi skimmed milk. I have recently suggested Kara Dairy Free to a mum struggling to get her dairy free daughter to consume enough calcium. She does not like soya milk and needed something more tempting. Whats better than chocolate coconut milk on dairy free cereal for a 5 year old!

Kara's website provides information on their products and recipes that can be used for a dairy free diet. They also have some information on allergy testing and events that may be useful for allergy and intolerance sufferers.

For dairy free recipes using coconut see also Grace Cheethams books at

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