Sunday, 8 July 2012

Princess Marshmallows

I have previously mentioned these delicious treats when blogging about dairy free hot chocolate. However, after receiving an email to confirm they are dairy free (there is dairy used elsewhere in the factory) and gluten free I felt the need to give them their own space.

Princess is a brand owned by Tangerine Confectionery. This UK company produce many sweets on our shelves including Butterkist Popcorn and Henry Goodes Liquorice. It is by pure luck that they are dairy and gluten free but by luck or not they are extremely tasty.

 If you have a sweet tooth, as you know I do, these fill the gap for sweets when you are craving what you can't have. In fact they are becoming a bit of a bad habit for me. Princess produce bags of  large, cylindrical marshmallows in traditional pink and white candy colours. They are sweet and perfectly chewy but also soft and gooey with a slightly crisp outside coating.

I first spotted them at my local petrol station shop and I now seek them out where ever I can, including most supermarkets. They are without doubt my favourite marshmallows and when I next venture to the cinema I will be taking a bag with me so that I can nibble away like everyone else!

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