Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Supportive bloggers

Over the past 7 months I have been boosted and supported by some fantastic people, in fact new friends, that I have found on social media sites. The power of these sites becomes apparent when you suffer with something that general practice medicine doesn't know or care about. When GP's or even friends and family are unsupportive the help and advice from these people is fantastic.

I was recently contacted by a blogger who like me has been affected and seen her children affected and wanted to help others by sharing experiences and solutions. Her blog provides articles, recipes and ideas as well as sharing personal experiences from feeding her food intolerant child. Please pop over to her site and see for yourself. I promise there will be something that will be useful to you.

Below are more links for other bloggers who are fabulous at sharing and helping each other with these difficult intolerance's and allergies. These will be updated regularly.

For fabulous free from recipes on a great easy to read blog page with mouth-watering photos

An honest and truthful, personal experience blog from a lovely lady dealing with her own and her baby's food intolerance's/allergies.

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