Friday, 13 July 2012

Have you visited the shop? was created this year to provide an online shop for specialist dairy free and lactose free chocolates. The range is slowly expanding to include recipe books, other dairy free products and accessories.

You will find amazing specialist brands;
Booja Booja - Delicious luxury truffles in many mouth watering flavours. A special treat or a fabulous present.
 Moo Free - Fun and funky characters present tasty milk free chocolate that is great for children and adults alike.
 Mulu - Amazingly good for you raw chocolate at its best. A sumptuous smooth texture and addictive taste.
 Plamil - A wide range of traditional flavoured bars that are affordable for both eating and cooking.

Pop over now to see what you could be eating very soon, you don't have to restrict your taste buds because you can't have dairy/lactose, love lactose free life!

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