Monday, 24 September 2012

Dairy Free Ice Cream

Dairy Free Ice Cream Exists.......

...............And It's Great!

Crazy thinking about writing this blog post now at the end of September, but I was originally waiting for a great sunny period and they seemed to pass me by!
So in the pouring rain and ever approaching winter here goes!!
We are becoming increasingly lucky to be offered dairy free alternatives to traditional ice cream. Having now tasted many brands I can now say that the ice cream market is once again looking great. The main contenders for me are Swedish Glace, Booja Booja, Razzle Dazzle and Lactofree (contains dairy but no lactose). There are also Bessant & Drury and Worthenshaws now Kirsty's which I am still to try and buy.
The availability of each brand varies. I can buy Lactofree and Swedish Glace Vanilla in Tesco or Sainsburys. For Booja Booja and Razzle Dazzle I go to Totnes, a town 40mins away, with a large health food shop. For other Swedish Glace flavours I shop in our local town health food shop. I know that some of these products are also available for home delivery through online retailers or Ocado, however, there are often surcharges for frozen goods. These are understandable but off putting when you are already paying more for specialist foods.
 My job is no longer to tell you which you should buy but instead let you know that all of these brands are doing great things and selling amazing products. I have to say a particular mention to Razzle Dazzle Ices a small company working hard to bring you the very best ices from the West Country. Their Hintamint is the first mint chocolate "ice cream" I've eaten in years and I will be going back for more. It was totally chocolaty, minty and creamy. I can't wait for the next tub!

We musn't forget that most places offer traditional sorbet which is usually dairy free by recipe. I was pleasantly surprised to be able to have a tub of raspberry sorbet at The Eden Project this summer. While my husband had many flavours of ice cream to choose from I was happy to have just one sorbet that I could have. If we ask more pubs, restaurants and ice cream parlours to stock sorbet then there will be a pudding option once again for dairy free customers.

Next year I'm ever hopeful for more sun and perhaps and ice cream maker of my own?

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