Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Greek Halva

A new find that I will definitely be going back for more!
My mum has a great way of finding new products for me to try that are dairy free by recipe rather than for special diets. This Greek Halva was completely unknown to me despite some stereo typical package holidays to various Greek islands.
On first appearances the packaging was uninspiring and almost off putting. The picture displays a lump of mottled cake that looks dry and cheap. The first mouthful was strange and new. A dry consistency similar to wafer biscuit but with a creamy chocolaty flavour with a hint of nuttiness reminiscent of praline or Ferrero Rocher. The dry, crumbly texture was made up for by the mouth watering sweet chocolaty taste. And all assessment of appearances went out the window as this sweet treat should be judged on its flavour and not its box!
I have to admit I ate most of the block over a short weekend. This was only excused by the fact we were moving house and I needed the sugar to keep my energy levels up for moving so many boxes. In the future i will have to find another excuse for eating such large quantities of sugar.
The ingredients list reads: Tahini Sesame Seed Paste (51%,) glucose-fructose syrup, reduced fat cocoa powder (3%), vegetable oil, saponaria officianalis extract, flavouring. The allergy advice is contains sesame and may contain traces of nuts and peanuts. It is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
I must try harder to visit continental markets and foreign food sections of shops to widen my food range. There are many products out there made and eaten by people from different cultures that will suit my diet without being labelled as "free from food". 


  1. It's been ages since I had Halva I forgot it was dairy free. I always explore the foreign food aisle in supermarket, it's worth exploring ingredients I've found some get stuff in the past :)

  2. Its reassuringly surprising what you can find. This has become a firm favourite x

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