Thursday, 4 October 2012


Well here I go again! This product is amazing......
Despite a difficult start trying to find a stockist near to home (this is nothing new I live in the sticks) yesterday I picked up a pot of CoYo from my local health food shop, At £1.99 for 125g pot I was hoping that it was a s good as it sounded.
I was not disappointed. CoYo is creamy, soft, sweet and coconut flavoured heaven. It is dairy free, soya free, gluten free, lactose free and has no added sugar. Perfect for me and little one to eat. There are only 165kcal per 100g which is very fortunate considering how much I could eat!
If you can't find a local stockist on CoYo's website ( then ask at your local health food shop. They may already have it on there wholesalers lists and not know how amazing it is.

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