Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Hipo Hyfryd

From one amazingly, refreshing man in Wales (along with some helpers) comes a range of Vegan Truffles and Bars that you should not live without. These products go down on the list of things to try before you die! A little extreme I'm sure but actually in the process of creating Love Lactose Free Life I have now tried quite a few chocolates and my standards are getting higher each time.
Gareth brings a great sense of humour and fun to an ethical company with great views on life. The packaging and brand name are also fantastic (pronounced hippo huv-rud). The most important factor still remains that the products speak for themselves. These truffles and bars taste delicious.
There are a selection of flavours from the traditional to the unexpected and the completely bonkers. I haven't tried the salt and pepper or the balsamic vinegar but I certainly will be ordering some now I'm hooked on the others.
The mixed box of truffles I tasted was substantial enough to share with my husband and contained maple syrup, rose, lavender and orange. These flavours were modern but not overpowering. The maple syrup is sweet and sugary, the lavender smooth and gently floral, the orange mild and deli0cate and the rose reminiscent of the best turkish delight. All were a hit with me and I will be asking for a box for Christmas (hint hint hubby!).
However, I have saved my favourite for last. I was lucky enough to have two truffle bars delivered. A pistachio and rose bar and a coconut heaven bar. I have waited a long time to find a substitute for white milky chocolate bars and now I have found it. The gold bullion shaped bars require you to bite into them in a Nigellaesque fashion giving you a mouthful of creamy, cocoa butter goodness and an extra flavour addition that lasts. The pistachio and rose bounce back and forth between flavours while the coconut heaven gives you pure coconut building with each mouthful.

Enough of the description as I'm getting cravings and I sadly have eaten them all. If you would like to order please watch this space and if you need to know more staright away visit www.hipohyfryd.co.uk


  1. They are amazing aren't they! Where did you first hear about them? Do you have a favourite?

  2. I can't remember where I discovered them but I've ordered a few times over the years. I usually go for the truffles in coconut, maple syrup, cinnamon. The more unusual flavours (chilli, lavender etc) don't personally appeal to me

  3. I have to admit I wasn't sure I would like the unusual ones but they were mild and tasty, no shock factor! The coconut is a must have :)