Friday, 16 November 2012


Have you tried raw chocolate?
My latest acquisition was a huge success. Ombar produce a range of seven amazing Probiotic and Antioxidant Chocolate bars which use raw chocolate and outstanding fruit ingredients to create flavour sensations that are also good for you.
I'm ashamed to admit that before I was diagnosed with food intolerance I hadn't touched chocolate outside of the typical petrol station selection (Cadbury's, Nestle, Mars etc). However, these days my food palette is only graced by the best of the best. Ombar fits my new criteria of especially produced, UK made chocolates perfectly.
With Ombar you can smell your chocolate before you even open the enticing packaging. The wrapper tells you all the things you want to know and justifies eating chocolate as a good thing, therefore there is no reason to hold back! These bars look like defined pieces of well refined bliss. Each mouthful is full of flavour as the soft, velvety texture melts in your mouth. There is guaranteed sweetness from the use of coconut sugar. This unusual ingredient means no refined sugar is used in your chocolate bar and you don't get sugar highs and lows.
The flavours sound a little obscure to begin with but they all make perfect sense when you eat them. These were my instant reactions of each one:
Acai and Blueberry - strong, sweet and fruity
Coconut - mild and creamy
Strawberry - initially raw chocolate followed by an extreme, sweet, true strawberry flavour
Goji Berry - mainly raw chocolate interspersed with chewy goji fruitiness
Green Tea and Lemon - fresh and zingy
Dark 72% - grainy, deep and rich chocolate flavour
Cranberry and Sweet Mandarin - sweet and mild with a hint of orange
And for those of you who noticed, that's only 6 out of the 7! I can't wait to try the last flavour, Yang Mei.
 If you can I would highly recommend buying one of each flavour all at the same time for your first taste. This guarantees you get an incredible comparison between the flavours and makes it much easier to find your favourites. I know mine!


  1. I haven't tried this brand, out of all the flavours I think I'd have to go with coconut.

  2. Coconut was extremely tasty and easy going. My favourites are Coconut and surprisingly Green Tea and Lemon (I don't get on well with green tea usually). Its difficult because they were all great flavours for different situations x