Tuesday, 11 December 2012

And the waiting continues.....

I will try and make this my last rant before Christmas! As usual it refers to my consultant appointment. After ringing several times to request blood test and sample results the consultants secretary finally told me they were "all essentially normal". My first reaction has to be what is "essentially" normal? Does that mean they were average? The same as "normal" non intolerant people? Or does it mean there were some discrepancies but they aren't going to tell me over the phone? The advice is meet with the consultant on 6th January!
So in an attempt to not feel ill for the next 4 weeks including the entire festive period I have a plan. Despite having some concern I feel the need to exclude gluten from my diet completely to find out if I feel significantly better. If I do then I will have to do a gluten challenge before being retested for coeliac disease. I will also be able to state to my not so wonderful consultant that it has made a significant difference. If it doesn't then I will also exclude dairy (not just the lactose that I currently exclude).
I wish that self diagnosis and testing myself with exclusion diets were not the way forward but I'm not prepared to continue to feel like this for an infinite amount of time while fighting for enough attention to get diagnosed.
Fortunately, my journey through gluten and dairy free living is made much easier, more pleasurable and possible by the friends and acquaintances I have made on line. Thank you all for your help.
My next post will be a positive one on how to enjoy a dairy and gluten free Christmas!


  1. I feel like screaming from the roof tops for you. I recently have non allergy related problems and I am getting sick of hearing that everything is "normal" when I don't feel normal. I know my sister endured issues form excluding gluten & then being tested for coeliac so I would advice if you can hang on in there for time being. It's such a frustrating situation for you I wish I could be more helpful :(

  2. Thank you for your comments they do help.
    I understand that if I exclude gluten I may affect my future test results. I'm hoping to exclude it just for the next 4 weeks to reduce symptoms and then do a gluten challenge where I consume a recommended amount each day for 6 weeks before being retested. The only trouble is trying to decide who to believe when researching what's recommended. The coeliac support charities appear to be the best advisors.
    I think if the consultants and GP's felt like this they would be doing something about it!