Monday, 11 February 2013

My line of work has provided me with some fantastic opportunities to sample new foods that I would never have come across before being dairy and gluten free. A short time ago I became aware of a lady in Norfolk making delicious raw food. Of course my first search was for chocolate and I was not disappointed.
After placing an order for the products I most wanted to try I didn't have to wait long before receiving my parcel. I actually squealed with delight at this one arriving. The box was carefully wrapped and the products inside delightful with paper wrappers/labels giving great information and presence and a shot of colour from bright pink foil. These were the products I chose:

Double Chocolate Brownie - Fabulously chocolaty, gooey and very filling. Full of flavour and great ingredients.

Chocolate and Hazelnut Spread - A grown up chocolate spread without any of the nasty ingredients (no soya either). Very sweet and nutty with a deep chocolate flavour. Quite addictive when eaten with a spoon! Also very good stirred into hot almond milk!

Hazelnut Bar - Great strong smell and flavour, very nutty and satisfying.

Golden Caramel Bar - Soft and grainy texture, caramel flavour comes through gently improving with each mouthful.

Vanilla White Bar - Very mild vanilla taste similar to caramel bar.

Rawblerone - The most ingenious raw product I have found. Combining fantastic dark, rich and smooth chocolate flavour with crunchy almonds in a familiar triangular shape (my surprise favourite by far).

There are many more products available in the Raw Nibbles shop so please have a look!

If you have never eaten raw food before then prepare for a change! The flavours, textures and smells are very different to commercial products. However, don't let this put you off as what you gain far outweighs the comfort of familiarity. Raw Nibbles introduces you to food with health benefits, free from allergens and an all round sense of self worth as you embark on changing the way you eat for something better.

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