Thursday, 21 February 2013

Quick update!

Just a quick update on diagnosis progress.....

Yesterday my GP listened to all my concerns, discussed the letter from the consultant and we agreed a way forward. I'm being referred to the dietition for an elimination diet. Its wise to keep a food and symptoms diary before I go. This will prevent my first appointment becoming wasted as I will have already obtained some background information.

The GP and I discussed food allergy testing and I managed to ask a lot of questions. I was keen to check that there are no underlying allergies causing my symptoms before proceeding with an elimination diet. Firstly the dietition route could take months from referral to completion and secondly I don't want to be eliminating more food groups unnecessarily. However the GP was right in pointing out that to test for IgE allergies by RAST or Skin Prick Testing then you need to know which to test for from a broad spectrum. Also food intolerance will not show on a IgE allergy test.

We have agreed that after the process of seeing the dietition if certain foods are shown to make a marked difference to my symptoms then we will be able to test them for allergies.

At the moment we are fairly certain that I am not celiac. The bloods taken several years ago included a full gluten diet and the recent ones were taken after just a months gluten free diet. According to some medical reseacrh this is not long enough for the body to have produced  an inaccurate test result. The test is available for me to take in the future should I have any further concerns I may be coeliac.

What I have leant and would advise other people to do is ask as many questions of your GP/consultant as you can. Write down your questions when you think of them at home and be brave when in your appointment. Research your suspected conditions at home and take any information you feel relevant with you. Brain storm any thoughts that you have and see if you can see links that the medical staff can't. You know your self best!


  1. Sounds like you have finally had a more positive experience, fingers cross you get to see the dietician swiftly. Good idea keeping a food diary before you go, hopefully that will speed things along :)

  2. Yes thank you. I am learning all the time how to approach each situation to move forwards and get things sorted. Strangely though its when I make my own mind up about what I should and shouldn't be eating that helps me most!