Thursday, 21 February 2013

The Raw Chocolate Company

I have been lucky enough to taste the entire range offered by The Raw Chocolate Company. The range includes 6 flavoured bars in two sizes and three exciting bags of chocolate coated supreme foods (thats healthy berries to you and me).
I found The Raw Chocolate Company tempting, satisfying and interesting. I was very impressed with the quality and consistency of flavour in each bar. The base flavours of the chocolates were recognisable and enjoyable and complimented by the individual flavours added.

Here are my musings:

Vanoffe -Wonderfully creamy almost Caramac taste with a touch of dry aftertaste
Vanoffee Dark - A simply straight forward dark version of the creamy Vanoffee without any bitterness
Pitch Dark - An enjoyable slightly bitter taste with strong deep and moody flavour
Orange - Fresh hint of natural orange within a clean and smooth dark chocolate
Orange and Goji - Same as orange but with a tang of goji berries and tasty chewy pieces of goji in the larger bars
Mint - Natural and fresh mint flavour within a clean and smooth dark chocolate

The chocolate coated supreme foods are a fantastic idea. These would make a great addition to my range of products for people wanting portable snacks for work or play. They would also solve the problem of wanting a dairy and gluten free equivalent to a grab bag for films and cinema. My favourite were the raisins as I haven't been able to have these for many years now and used to enjoy them before food intolerance. Of course these were far superior to the ingredients in the previous brands I would have consumed. The chocolate coated goji berries are the best way I have found of eating these often tricky and slightly disappointing supreme foods. Once coated in raw chocolate and dusted in cocoa powder they become addictive and satisfying. The white mulberries were not at all as I expected. The appearance gave me a giggle and the texture was more chewy than I was expecting. They were still delightfully refreshing as a raw chocolate product and gave an air of self gratification with every handful (ahem sorry each individually handpicked morsel!).

In conclusion there was not one product I wouldn't be proud to stock on my website so watch this space!

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