Thursday, 7 March 2013

Fat Lemons Cafe

It is not often that I am so relieved and satisfied by eating out as I was yesterday!

Since being lactose free and now wheat and gluten free I have found it increasingly difficult to eat any where. "Home is where the food's safe" The variety and safety of eating at home proves more tempting than eating out for the majority of my time. Coupled with a lactose intolerant toddler and a tight budget eating out has become a bit of a distant memory. Then there is the "jacket potato" option. You know the times when the assistant looks blank and someone pops up from behind him/her and excitedly announces that you could have a jacket potato.....with no butter, or cheese, or any other topping for that matter! Anyway I digress.....

The amazing news is yesterday I visited The Fat Lemons Cafe in Totnes, Devon. A short trip from home and a day out with plenty to look at, Totnes always holds alternative finds and fun. I had been following Fat Lemons on Twitter and was aware of their cafe but until recently I hadn't stepped foot through the door. I'm so pleased I did.

On approach this unassuming cafe is bright, fresh and inviting. Tucked away in the alleyways of Totnes it takes a little finding. There was plenty of room for me and little one to squeeze in through the delightful garden and into the cafe.

We were met by a fabulously happy and helpful lady who instantly reassured me that they would be able to find plenty for both me and little one to eat (and there was me with two packed lunches and expecting a soya latte at the most!).

The cafe menu is vegetarian, vegan and gluten free! Yep all of those things and tempting too! If you don't believe me you can have a look on their website,

I chose the lightly spiced bean koftas with humus, dressed salad and a gluten free roll. The wait was short for a freshly made lunch and little one was kept entertained by cheerful staff, the brightly coloured lemon yellow stairs, the large window on to the lane and his own mirrored reflection in the back of a well polished coffee machine!

Lunch was delightful. The bean koftas were perfectly cooked, crisp on the outside and slightly soft as you bit into them. The hummus was deliciously creamy and mostly stolen by little one. The salad was fresh and nicely dressed with crisp tomatoes and a great variety of leaves. And the bread roll was not only seeded but tasty, not too sweet or too heavy, quite an accomplishment for gluten free. The whole meal was a great taste sensation that anyone would have been pleased with gluten and lactose free or not.

I cannot wait to go back and try more of the menu. I will be taking people with me to share a great meal time experience with others.

The Fat Lemons Cafe does charge a little extra for gluten free options. This was no surprise to me as it costs me more to eat free from at home. It was also completely justified by the quality of the food, the service and the presentation of the cafe.

Almost two years on I have revisited Fat Lemons several times. The most recent being Monday this week. Now with a much larger little boy of 3 1/2 years I am still delighted by the excellent service, quality and range of food on offer. Here is a picture of my boy having his very first hot chocolate with his mummy ;)

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