Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Knead Bakery


If you thought free from baking was restricted to the supermarket bread range you are luckily so wrong!

A little while ago I happily stumbled across the wonderful Sim Smith from Knead Bakery. Her delightfully stylish, young company could be mistaken for a glossy magazine homes spread or an insight into the lives of successful business women. Instead this fantastic company make amazing, specialist bread, cookies, muffins, cakes and brownies.
All of these products are free from wheat, gluten, dairy and casein. The cookies are also free from eggs. There is also no cane sugar or artificial sweetener used in the range making them very desirable indeed.
The extra special fact is that despite being free from all these allergens the range of products at Knead Bakery are scrumptious. Long gone are the days when you had to have strong teeth to chew a slice of gluten free bread, choke on a cookie or struggle to swallow a piece of cake. These beautiful products have allure and they don't disappoint. They are rightly nominated for a prestigious "Free From Food Awards" prize.

American Style Cookies
A sweet and heavy flavour complimented perfectly by great chocolate chunks to chomp

Ginger Cookies
Soft in texture, mildly gingery with a wonderful hint of lemon, leaving you wanting more



Double Indulgence Brownie
A melt in your mouth, velvety texture with a deep and strong chocolate flavour, beautifully sweet and smells divine

You can find the Knead Bakery range in fabulous boxes decorated with tantalising pictures of the products and the unmistakable Knead "K" design on the front. You also need to know they also do very tempting bread. 
Find them here at:
Some insight into Knead Bakery by Sim Smith
Who helps you in running Knead Bakery?
 I started out on my own from my home kitchen but now work with some great mentors and the girls in our production unit. My husband is also taking on more of an active role in the company which is realy nice. It's great to get to work together.

Where are your products made?

I started from home but due to increased interest from large retailers I had to move the production side of the business to a unit. I have to say it is really exciting to see things being done on a larger scale.

Where can we buy them now?

We have been supplying customers directly up until this point but Whole Foods Market are the first to stock the range. All of their UK stores will stock Knead Bakery products from London to Glasgow. We launch on the 13th

Where are you hoping to sell them in the future?

There is a lot going on for us this year, we're in talks with quite a few retailers and outlets for the products. We're unable to announce anything yet but you can be sure that our products will be made more widely available to our loyal customers this year.

What can we expect from Knead in the future?

We're always looking at new product development so you can expect new lines being added to the range and new improved recipes of our current lines. We will be attending the Allergy and Free From Show this year and hope to have the chance to meet with our existing and new customers. We're going to be running some great competitions on our social media pages and have some really fun campaigns coming up. We're going to be very busy!



  1. Hooray for egg free cookies very hard to find, I shall be checking out this brand as I have not heard of them before now :)

  2. Exactly what I thought! Its really great to have an egg free product in the range. There is something for everyone with multiple allergies :)