Saturday, 9 March 2013

Pizza Hut Gluten and Dairy Free

What a contrast! Last week I hadn't eaten out for months and this week I've found two completely different places to eat dairy, lactose and gluten free.
Today we visited Plymouth Aquarium, a great place for all the family but sadly a terrible place to eat. I usually take a packed lunch everywhere but there was nothing inspiring in the cupboard and I thought I'd see what happened once we were out!
It was on the off chance that we stopped at a cash point for the car park next to a Pizza Hut. I popped in and asked whether they had started doing gluten free bases. The extremely helpful girl was confident and knowledgeable and said they do, they would also be happy to find a dairy free option. I don't know whether it was good training or a diligence but I was happy to give it a go.
Once seated we were handed the standard menu and the gluten free base was pointed out for me, a good start. The info also mentioned that all toppings are gluten free. As I'm also dairy free I checked with the waiter who was serving us if my choice of gluten free base with normal tomato sauce and Hawaiian topping would be dairy free. He knew what was suitable but checked in the allergy guide. This is normally a terribly disorganised mismatch of pages bunged in a folder in the corner gathering dust. Not here, it was available straight away and simple to follow. They even left me to browse the allergy guide while waiting for my pizza, bliss!
The time with the light reading meant I could assess all of the food on offer and looked up every product from bases to dips, salad bar to side dishes. My pizza was delicious just how I remember it but minus the cheese. The base was lovely with no difference in taste, texture or appearance to the thin bases I used to eat. I was also charged exactly the same as a normal pizza. After reading another blog I was interested to know if they would add extra toppings for me in light of the lack of cheese and they obliged without question.
There is little in the way of dessert, although the jelly sweets are ok. I really didn't have room for dessert any way and I'm sure its something they could improve with demand. If you are allergic to any ingredients I would quiz them more about cross contamination risks. However, I have had no symptoms and will be more than happy to eat at Pizza Hut again.
Somehow being included in the average Joe's trip to Pizza Hut without any fuss can make you feel very normal again.


  1. Hi there thank you for this post, I have only been dairy free for about 1 year and a half, so I am still getting used to the whole idea of eating whilst avoiding dairy, which surprisingly is quite difficult. I would never have imagined that i would be able to go to pizza hut and actually have pizza. A very informative blog. Thanks :)

  2. Hi JustYour AverageGirl, thank you for the kind comments. It is a learning curve when you have to give up a food that is so common in everyones diet. I would highly recommend, when eating out anywwhere, phoning ahead and asking questions to judge whether a caterer can provide a safe option for you. Many will be happy, willing and knowledgeable. It also gives you the advance warning if somewhere isn't suitable and time to find an alternative.
    Have you found the Free From Eating Out Awards? They are currently shortlisting establishments who excel at providing freefrom food.

  3. I rang pizza hut today and the lady said that milk is in all the bases :/

  4. I rang pizza hut today and the lady said that milk is in all the bases :/

  5. Oh no! Thank you for letting us all know Simonne. I shall investigate further.