Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The Humble Spud

Many times I have joked or despaired about the only option for free from customers being a jacket potato. However, on this sunny spring lunchtime I am sat on my doorstep voluntarily eating a jacket spud. The potato is more than just a boring option when eating out. It is safe for nearly every allergic or intolerant person I know and comes in many variations. Lets embrace and rejoice the humble spud in all its forms!

Jacket Potato Topped with:
Baked beans and mayonnaise (egg free version available)
Homemade coleslaw
Any number of free from cheeses
Tuna and sweetcorn
Coronation chicken

Not jut an unhealthy snack but  staple in the cupboard of anyone who has ever needed free from food on the go!

Mashed potato
Who doesn't like a bit of mash? Lumpy or smooth? With sausages or on top of cottage pie?

A great excuse to pile in the garlic, substitute the cream and cheese and eat from the bowl!

New Potatoes
Freshly dug from your own soil these little beauties work wonderfully with a touch of Pure Sunflower spread

Roast Potatoes
Whether King Edwards or Sweet roasting is in right now

Ok so not quite such an excusable option but a great treat 

And not forgetting:
Croquettes, Rosti's, Sauteed, 
Potato pizza bases
Potato flour

All in all the future is looking bright in our house for the potato. No more bad mouthing or deep sighs from me!

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