Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Cheese! Part 1 - MozzaRisella

Let's be frank! After 30 plus years of eating "normal" cheese nothing will compare to the taste of real cheese. This blog post champions some of the best alternatives to cheese that make life a little more fun.

Last week the bottom shelf of my fridge was full of dairy free, lactose free, gluten and wheat free and soya free cheese. This is quite remarkable considering how long it has been void of cheese for me.

MozzaRisella, CreamyRisella and SmokeyRisella

These products are a real gem!

I had anticipated the arrival of these cheeses for quite some time and was worried that they wouldn't meet my high expectations. I need not have been worried. Although all fairly similar in taste and texture there are slight differences that make these cheeses all worthwhile purchases for different purposes. The biggest advantage for me is that none of them contain soya. This is great in allergy/intolerance terms but also changes the taste compared to other free from cheese products.

MozzaRisella is clearly a mozzarella substitute. It has a slightly harder texture to the other varieties. The texture is smooth with a hint of springiness. The taste is mild and subtle with just a touch of creaminess which tastes clearly from a rice base. It melts well over toast and bread and makes a fantastic pizza topping. 

SmokeyRisella is all of the above but with a mild taste of smoked cheese. The taste builds over the back of your tongue as you eat. The smell is reminiscent of less tasty soya cheese but the flavour of this one is lovely. It makes a great sandwich filling and would even be at home on a cheeseboard.

CreamyRisella is an extremely useful product. With a softer texture and an extremely subtle taste it makes a great base for sweet or savoury meals. I added some to a white sauce to make creamy chicken, pancetta and garlic pasta with no problems. It is equally at home as a cheesecake topping on a sweet biscuit base. It is lacking in the rich flavour of mascarpone cheese but would be the closest substitute I have found. It can be easily adapted to many uses.

Well done and thank you MozzaRisella for providing the UK with such fabulous products. I look forward to using them more and more.


  1. Thank you Emma Louise! I love cheese, but can't eat it. Haven't found a suitable substitute yet, but I will look out for this product and give it a try.

  2. Thank you for this, most of the cheese substitutes are revolting so I look forward to trying these xxx

  3. Thank you both for your comments. These are wonderful cheeses to try. Full of promise after previous disappointing alternatives. There are some great cheese alternatives out there but sadly you have to try a few not so great ones first to find your favourites!