Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Cheese! Part 2 - Vegusto

Does anyone crave strong cheddar?

I was fortunate enough a couple of weeks ago to have a wonderful friend give me a selection of Vegusto vegan cheese. It has taken me sometime to taste them and report back. 

I want to tell you how amazing and wonderful they are but there are a couple of small draw backs to mention first. 

Vegusto cheese comes vacuum packed like most cheese but doesn't seem to last very long once opened. As they are lovely big blocks if you are they only one eating them then they may look a little less appetising before you can finish them. It is recommended you keep them sealed after opening and consume within 7 days. It can however be frozen something which I didn't realise until too late. 

The biggest problem I had was with the melty cheese. Although gluten free it contains wheat. I deliberated for some time before trying it as I am still undiagnosed to the cause of my food problems and have been avoiding wheat and gluten since January. I am sure I reacted to the melty cheese and I'm reluctant to try it again. Please be aware these cheeses are made with nuts and some of the rest of the Vegusto range contains gluten. 

Gripes over this is what I thought of the rest:

Vegusto No Moo Piquant

This was far and away the best strong cheddar replacement I have found. With a great cheese taste and texture I happily used this product in sandwiches, on toast, pasta and jacket potatoes. What was a real eye opener was it was good enough for me to make a Ploughmans! When was the last time I had one of those? Even more promising is it contains no soya either. At £4.95 for 200g its fairly pricey but well worth buying to  reassure yourself that there is a great cheese alternative available when you need it.

Vegusto No Moo Mildly Aromatic

Again a wonderful taste and texture not quite as strong as the Piquant. Its no surprise that this product has won acclaim at the Free From Food Awards. It goes well with everything and is mild enough for everyone.

Vegusto No Moo Melty

The melty was my least favourite product by Vegusto and I feel mean and ungrateful saying this. I'm not sure if it was the psychological effect of containing wheat fibers (non gluten) or whether the taste and texture really were lesser than the hard cheeses. I found the cheese much tastier once warm as it had an odd taste cold from the fridge. Considering it is supposed to be melted then that is no surprise. It did melt but needed a little persuasion. I will give the remainder of the pack a chance to be pizza topping this lunch time!

Vegusto are a fabulous brand with dedication and attention to their expanding range. I would thoroughly recommend trying their products to judge for yourself. 


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  1. I feel I'm missing out on something but I've tasted vegusto twice and I'm not sold on the taste or texture. I also can't bring myself to spend nearly £5 on cheese when others are under £3 (I understand others may not have the same choices as me due to soya allergy). I've been freezing my DF cheese I was throwing so much away as it went mouldy. Apparently my Mum has been freezing dairy cheeses for years and never cared to share that nugget of info with me lol