Monday, 6 May 2013

Little Delicious

I have a confession.......I'm addicted to marshmallows! 

Ok so thats not a bad thing is it? Before becoming free from dairy, lactose and gluten I had the occasional marshmallow as part of some pick n mix or over a bbq but never before had I realised any value to these fluffy little treats.

Last week I had the honour of trying a wonderful range of gourmet marshmallows from Little Delicious. This small Southampton based business specialises in making the most fabulous handmade marshmallows. Lin at Little Delicious uses great quality ingredients for flavour and a fine tuned recipe for the perfect texture. This makes her marshmallows a cut above the rest. They are soft and fluffy with a lightness of texture, turning to gooey loveliness, spreading to intense flavour leaving you with a multitude of delights to deliberate. Her flavours are ingenious and imaginative creating a new wave of marshmallow addiction I've never had the pleasure to discover before. Although brave and modern these flavours are in no way pretentious and could be as easily enjoyed by young or old and everyone in between.

The following are my musings on the flavours I tasted:

The fresh fruity smell hits you as you open the packet, they look fabulous with a strong deep pink colour, full of flavour with a balance of sweet and sharp, lovely kick of flavour from the outer coating of raspberry powder.

Lemon Meringue 
(tasted by hubby as the lemon curd contains butter)
Wonderful crunch of crispy meringue pieces decorating the outside, followed by a sweet and fluffy vanilla marshmallow interspersed with a stream of lemon curd. 

Smell of mocha is divine and lead to inhaling the bag before even tasting them! Mild but beautifully balanced flavour between coffee ad chocolate from the powder coating on a plain marshmallow. 

Caramel Peanut Heaven
(tasted by hubby as the caramel contains dairy)
A pleasing peanut smell with a wonderful light nutty taste. Subtle caramel flavour builds on eating and melting in your mouth. Beautifully decorated and attractive to look at.

Wonderful strong fresh and fruity fragrance. A slightly fizzy texture and taste turning to gooeyness. Truly lovely passionfruit flavour, a delight to eat.

Mint Choc Chip
Timeless combination of chocolate and fresh mint taste reminiscent of Kendal Mint Cake. Great balance of dark chocolate topping pieces and mint flavour throughout the marshmallow. 

Coconutterly Lovely
Pretty as a picture covered in dessicated coconut with a frothy coconut taste. Very sweet and gooey but with great substance.

I must add that I was obliged to try these marshmallow delights in a hot chocolate, it would have been rude not to. The results were impressive. After sitting proudly and statuesquely in the top of the mug, they go on to create a gooey mass to dive into with a spoon or drink through for extra punchy flavour. The mocha were the perfect flavour for combining with my usual hot chocolate giving a sublime hint of coffee to my cuppa.

I would also add that despite mostly indulging on these treats on my own they would be the best addition to an afternoon tea table. Lins website shows how beautiful and inviting they can be on any occasion, including weddings.

Please check individual flavours for allergen information or contact Lin for more details. All flavours are gluten free, most are also dairy free, lactose free and egg free. 


  1. These sounds amazing but no mention of being suitable for veggies so I signed up to the website, fingers crossed they make them in future :)

  2. I hope so, they would be very popular. Lin was keen to explore that route and I'm sure she will take it just as seriously as her existing products with flair and passion.