Monday, 27 May 2013

Rossinis Rubs and Marinades

I love a product that makes your life easier. With all the cooking from scratch you tend to do when avoiding certain foods its always great to have a product in the cupboard that makes the difficult days easier. 

Being on Twitter has introduced me to the wonderful Rossinis. Salts, herbs and spices from across the world  are brought together in Exeter and expertly hand blended by Rossinis staff to give you a range of products that you can easily use in many dishes to create a superb flavour. All their products are vegan (therefore dairy free and lactose free) and suitable for coeliacs (no gluten). 

Sent through the post, packaged perfectly in beautifully presentable windowed tin with a shaker or pourer interchangeable lid or in reusable plastic pots, these blends don't need to hide in a cupboard. In fact I would leave them out so friends and family can share in the Rossinis delights (if you want to give away your secrets?).

The Rossinis products I choose were the "Anything Salt" and the "Mediterranean" Marinade, the "Hot Hawaiian" was sent as a sample for me to try as well, something I wouldn't have chosen on my own. I can't wait to order some more but in the mean time here is what I thought:

Anything Salt
A truly versatile seasoning in a generous sized tub that I have close to hand in my kitchen. This salt blend uses wet, unrefined sea salt which absorbs the flavour of the added herbs. This weekend I added it to some boiled new potatoes and olive oil at our BBQ and everyone loved it! I have also used it in pasta, on fish and roasted vegetables - delicious!

A mild blend when used as seasoning in dishes but a fantastic flavour enhancer when used as a marinade or rub. I thought I would use this mostly on pasta but have found I love it on fish as a rub before steaming. I look forward to doing more with it.

Hot Hawaiian
This exciting and exotic blend is a great way to introduce spice and heat to your dishes in a controlled way. I am such a wimp with hot food but adore the complexity of flavour in this blend. Its a shame to miss out if you are shy of hot spices and Rossinis give you a blend that can be added one grain at a time until you reach your perfect level of flavour. I'm particularly fond of adding this to the peanut satay sauce I make instead of using neat chilli. I found I can tailor the taste to suit my mood. Rossinis suggest rubbing on steak and serving with mango salad. Grace Cheetham has just the salad using basil and mango combined that will be my next inspiration for another hot Hawaiian dish.

Rossinis are a fantastic company with friendly staff, excellent customer service and sublime products. Receiving your order through the post reminds you why online shopping allows you to access so much more these days. I'm overjoyed that I found Rossinis and have a new fail safe taste-bud pleaser in my cupboard to brighten up the days when otherwise freefrom cooking might get you down. 

Find them here, on Facebook and Twitter for more exciting flavours.

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