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More from Rossini's

If you haven't spotted Rossini's yet then please read my previous post on their wonderful company and products here:

If you have read it you will be interested in this extra post. I have been lucky enough to ask some questions to John Crompton of Rossini's about the thoughts and motivations behind this fabulous range. There is nothing more inspiring than hearing from the people behind the brand.

What is the most important feature of Rossini’s products?

There are many features that are important in Rossini’s products, but our most important feature is the care and passion we all have relating to food and our products.  Our aim is to enhance the flavour of your dishes rather than try to disguise them.  We care enough to blend by hand, and offer a lifetime’s experience, ready blended, in a tin!

Why did you decide to register with The Vegan Society?

We registered with The Vegan Society because we wanted to get our message across to as many people as possible that all Rossini’s products can be enjoyed without any concerns about animal welfare.  All our products are also gluten and lactose free. 

Where do you get your flavour inspiration from?

From friends who are looking for something interesting to enhance their dishes and from ‘I wonder if these will work together’!  We also use a lot of experimentation from ideas that we all pool together.  Hence our Tikka Cool - all the flavour without the heat.

Who is your favourite chef (celebrity or otherwise)?

Fernand Point (1897 – 1955) the father of modern French Cuisine, whose passion for seasonal and fresh food and quality was uncompromising.  Restaurant ‘La Pyramide’ in Vienne, half an hour south of Lyon.

Do you have any tips for people new to cooking freefrom to help them improve the flavour of their food?

Be brave and mix flavours, keep trying until you get it right for you, and don’t listen to the ‘it won’t work’ cynics.  Remember you can always add more but you can’t take it away!  I cooked halibut steak and served it with a light chocolate sauce once, the customer had to guess the sauce, and although he thought he knew the flavour of the sauce he couldn’t relate it to what he was eating.  Nothing was left on his plate and he came back again with friends to try it again

What is your favourite chocolate recipe?

A gluten free chocolate cake I made and was written about in the Times by journalist Caitlin Moran

How could you see Rossini’s products being used with chocolate/desserts?

Everything in moderation (except good wine!) we have a lady chocolatier who uses our Hot Hawaiian in a spicy chocolate bar, lovely.  On demonstrations I use the same in a hot fruit salad.  We are currently developing some more recipes for use in pudding cookery. 

What can we expect to see from Rossini’s in the future?

Not wanting to give too much away we have a number of exciting new flavours in the mix.  But rest assured we aim to change people’s attitude to spices in cookery and give them a ready-made product that they can just pull off the shelf and add to their cooking.

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