Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Happy Kitchen

Tehe! I've found another sweet treat to add to my favourites!

Happy Kitchen was originally founded by two friends dedicated to creating "delicious health and environment conscious food".

As time went on the Happy Kitchen grew into a bakery, a canteen and a small team of lovely people. The canteen is no more but the bakery and the products continue to grow. 

Happy Kitchen are an "Organic, Vegan, Gluten Free, Sugar Free and Artisan Bakery".

If you have not seen them before here they are!

I had my first Raspberry Brownie sometime ago and sadly I haven't had the chance to buy them again. I was keen to find out if they lived up to my memories of the mouth watering experience I first had. They certainly did and the addition of other flavours was interesting. 

The main texture and flavour of these brownies is wonderfully consistent throughout the range. They provide a fudgey and gooey bite with a hint of mild flouryness. The wonderful chocolatey taste is complimented by the individual flavours. All of the bars are much more filling than you think they will be for their size. They also use a very clean list of ingredients. This is a perfect combination of taste satisfaction without guilt. 

A delicious raw chocolate taste with an easy strength of flavour suitable for those who love mild or dark chocolate

Chocolate Orange
A fragrant and refreshing orange flavour with a natural orange taste

Pecan Nut
A mild nutty taste, smooth with no chunks of nut 

Genuine raspberry texture and flavour complete with pips (my personal favourite)

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  1. Hooray for Vegan cakes :) going to have to track down a stockist these sound good