Friday, 26 July 2013

Nicholsons Health and Beauty

In the depths of South Devon, in a small coastal town, there is a perfectly formed jewel of a shop. I am very lucky to call Nicholsons my local health and beauty shop. Owned by Stefanie and Martin Brown and assisted by a fantastic, small team of staff Nicholsons has everything you need. On entering the shop you can't beat the smell of herbal, natural and organic products. A vast array of items to keep you healthy from head to toe stretches out in front of you, filling the shelves with solutions to any problem. There are beauty products, make up, food and supplements. Of course they also aid my penchant for dairy free, lactose free and gluten free chocolates and treats.

If I need to source a new product or find out whether a medical suggestion needs any extra advice then Nicholsons is my go to place. With the benefit of the world wide web Nicholsons' range is now mostly available online through their emerging website, 

I was fortunate to be able to put some exclusive questions to Stef and Martin and they have a fantastic offer just for readers of this blog!

What made you want to run a Health Shop?       
Having taken some time out when we had our first child, Benedict, we were looking for a change (Martin having been in IT and Stefanie a PA/Conference Organiser). We shopped in Nicholsons and really liked it, so when it came up for sale as we were looking for a new venture, we bought it. Serendipity! That said, it was a steep learning curve – but a most interesting and enjoyable business to be in.

What is your favourite product in the shop?
Stefanie: I can’t decide between Spiezia Cleanser, which I use daily and is fantabulous, and Antipodes Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream which is the best wrinkle smoothing cream I’ve ever used.

Martin: It’s a toss up between Dr Hauschka Regenerating Moisturiser (I have recently lost a lot of weight and this has been incredibly effective at firming up the skin around my neck) and Booja Booja chocs (no need to explain!).

Which dairy /lactose / gluten free product do you sell the most of?
Gluten free is generally more popular than dairy or lactose free, but probably either Booja Booja chocs, which are very popular, and gluten free pastas (made from corn, rice or buckwheat).

What can people buy online?
Not all the products in our shop are available online. This is because we offer free UK postage and obviously we would lose a lot of money if we sold our low cost heavy items (generally foodstuffs) that way. Fortunately you can buy Booja Booja here, on this lovely website!

Most of our beauty products (including make-up) are available online, as are essential and base oils. We have a few health supplements currently available and that selection will increase as we upload more products – this website was only launched at the end of last year, so is still a work in progress. We will also be selling Frugi organic baby clothes online in due course. If anyone wants a particular item which is not yet shown on the website, they should use the Contact Us form and we will do our best to source it for them.

Why should people choose natural, organic and biodynamic?
For themselves: no pesticides, insecticides and fungicides means organic products are better for your health, and biodynamic crops grown in tune with nature promote optimum health.
For others: farmers and other workers who handle crops grown with chemicals are themselves at risk, so buying organic increases the demand for organic products and decreases the demand for conventionally sprayed crops.
For the planet: bees and other wildlife will thrive without chemicals sprayed on the plants they rely on for life.

It is a circle of life and we are all interdependent.

We are delighted to support lovelactosefreelife and would like to offer all readers of this site a 10% discount on their first order with us. Once you have placed your order with Nicholsons, please use the Contact Us form or click on “Contact & Support” at the bottom left of any page of our website and send us a quick note mentioning you found us through lovelactosefreelife, then we can apply your discount.


  1. Great post, I have you to thank for my introduction to Nicholsons, I've order a few pieces over recent months :)

  2. Thank you, I hope I've not encouraged you to spend excessively ;)

  3. Now you see what you've done, I'm going to have to take a visit to see what goodies I can get from my grandchild to be. I think this is going to be a shock to the bank balance! Thank you or the link xxx

  4. Haha! Sorry about that! They are a lovely place to shop. We have bought for Mummy, Daddy and little one over the last few years. They provide an honest and helpful service when you need products with better credentials :)

  5. Thank you!us healthcare supply I read up on home treatments for skin. You would be surprised how random food items help your face! With the coffee grounds I put in some water and use it in the shower as a body scrub as well. It gives your skin a wonderful glow.

  6. Thank's for the tip. Could you please remove the link to your business as its not very nice for the people I am blogging about!