Tuesday, 2 July 2013

The Incredible Bakery Company

I am so lucky in my work here to be able to review the products made by small dedicated businesses like the Incredible Bakery Company. The difference between them and a supermarket or multinational is huge. Not only do they pour their love and time (and mostly their own savings) in to the products but they also produce a far superior product in terms of features, benefits and taste.

If you haven't ever tried free from products from a small business then I beg you to do so as soon as you can. The taste texture and appearance of handmade products can be a shock if you are used to mass production, however, it is something that engages your brain and taste buds to a better way of eating.

The extra benefits for me in using the Incredible Bakery Company are that the production facilities are dedicated nut, gluten, dairy and soya free. They are also free from any artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives and do not use eggs in their ingredients. When you compare this to the ingredients in a mass produced product you can see why it is best to buy fresh from the Incredible Bakery Company. There is a certain piece of mind when you are eating your lunch that cannot be rivaled by a machine which may have been used for something else or alongside a contaminated line!

I was excited to receive my Incredible Bakery Company products comprising of a Millet Sub, Flat Bread, Quinoa Roll and Red Quinoa Roll and Savoury Pancakes. They come vacuum packed for freshness and only require a quick blast under the grill to warm them through. As with all handmade food they vary in shape and colour but all were perfectly presented.

Red Quinoa Roll (served hot with humus and poached egg) - Crumbly but fantastic texture with a wholemeal depth of taste. Very satisfying and moist and neither too salty or too sweet. 

Millet Sub (simply a bacon roll) - A touch dry but with a lovely flavour. Plenty of roll for a large lunch for one person or enough for two still reasonable sandwiches.

Quinoa Roll (with humus and ham) - Obviously similar to the Red Quinoa but with a milder flavour. 

FlatBread (tomato humus, ham and basil) - A wonderful smell and crunch after being grilled. Great flavour with a moist, doughy and bouncy texture. Very filling and would make a wonderful deep pan pizza base (which is difficult to find in FreeFrom).

Savoury Pancakes (tuna, mayonnaise and sweetcorn) - A tricky product to make ready packaged. A fantastic wholemeal taste and texture suitable for lunch wraps or dinner as a soft tortilla replacement. Rather crumbly when being folded but did not deter from the usefulness and taste.

You can find out all about the Incredible Bakery Company and buy their products here:


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