Sunday, 7 July 2013

The Morning Cuppa

Whether you have been avoiding certain foods all your life or like me you have only recently had to eliminate foods there is no doubt as an adult you crave a good cuppa. The options are becoming more varied and there is something for everyone. Here are a few of my solutions.

Tea - 
Lactofree (for those who can have dairy but not lactose) or Soya milk, Rooibos (Red Bush) without any milk.

London Fog - How about an Earl Grey Rooibus combo made with steamed almond milk and a splash of maple syrup? This coffee house luxury was mentioned by a fellow blogger and has been a favourite of mine ever since. Visit health food stores for Earl Grey Rooibus tea.

Coffee -
 The same as above but perhaps with Almond or Hazelnut milk if you like them. Vive Soy Cappuccino is very tasty and easy to heat up in the microwave. Dandelion Root "Coffee" is something I haven't tried but why not give it a go!

Hot Chocolate - 
Mostly made by gradually mixing cocoa powder (dairyfree and glutenfree, please check the ingredients) and sugar with "milk". Use coconut, almond, rice, hazelnut or soya milk. Alpro or KoKo chocolate soya drinks are very quick and easy to heat if you are in a hurry. More recently I've been using The Raw Chocolate Company Cacoa Powder with unrefined brown sugar and almond milk for that "healthy and clear conscience" feeling.
(everyone knows I am addicted to marshmallows on top!)

Herbal and Fruit Tea - Peppermint (still my favourite "go-to" drink), Chai latte, ginger and lemongrass and countless more. 

Smoothie - I've not yet explored the realms of having a smoothie to replace a morning cuppa. As my interests move towards becoming more healthy I am looking forward to incorporating smoothies more  at breakfast time. A great solution if you don't have time for breakfast or just don't like eating early as you can incorporate so many great ingredients. 

Water with apple cider vinegar or lemon juice. I this really something people do each morning? I have yet to brave it at all.

Suggestions from some amazing followers on Twitter and Facebook:

"ground dandelion root coffee. Makes me feel like I'm drinking coffee, without milk and it's delicious, made by Cotswold health products ltd. Ready ground ones have lactose in." Caroline

"a good soya hot chocolate, yes even in summer!" Hannah-Leigh

"Warmed coconut milk (I usually do this in a saucepan) with a yogi sweet chai tea bag, add 

cinnamon and a drop of honey if you like it sweet! Delicious!" Amanda

"Yorkshire (currently decaff) Tea with half Rice Dream + Calcium & half Oatly Enriched to 

make up the splash of milk" Frances


  1. My morning tipple is Yorkshire tea and coconut milk. I get really grumpy if we run out of tea bags and I have to have coffee! Xxx

  2. Thanks Fran, I've not tried coconut milk in tea as I thought it might split! I am loving the versatility of coconut milk at the moment. Every brand has a different flavour and consistency.