Tuesday, 9 July 2013

We Love What We Do!

Love Lactose Free Life was created so that people on freefrom diets don't have to miss out on yummy treats. 
If your body doesn't let you eat dairy, lactose, gluten, wheat, egg, nuts, sesame, soya or many other allergens its not your choice! Perhaps you are excluding foods while breast feeding an intolerant or allergic baby? Whether you have an allergy, intolerance, Coeliac disease or illness that effects your food choices you shouldn't have to miss out on one of life's necessary pleasures - eating.

We search high and low to bring you the best and tastiest freefrom chocolates and treats. The list of products we stock is growing and we can't wait to bring you more. Here is a little taster of what you can buy!

Moo Free
Fantastically fun Moo Free Chocolates are dairy free, wheat free, gluten free, egg free and vegan. They are also organic and fair trade. Sporting a tasty range of fun and funky, child friendly characters, Moo Free have everything you need to spoil yourself or your little ones. 

Booja Booja

This inspirational company have been hand making exquisite dairy free, gluten free, organic and vegan truffles in Norfolk for the last 11 years. They have won 45 awards and now have a range that includes 8 flavours of truffles and 5 alternative to dairy ice creams. Booja Booja work closely with their suppliers to achieve extremely high standards of production. They have close links with Persian Dowry in India who hand paint beautiful boxes for their Artists Collection Truffles and work with Pacari Chocolate in Ecuador for the supply of their raw, organic Arriba Nacional Cacoa. With credentials like these who can resist trying a mouth watering Booja Booja Truffle?

In the 1960's, Plamil set out to produce an alternative to dairy milk using soya milk then called Plant Milk (hence the name Plamil). Today Plamil produce a wide range of award winning, free from products including chocolate bars, chocolate spreads, carob bars and egg free mayonnaise. There are no animal, egg or dairy ingredients used in their production facilities. They are also gluten free, nut free, GM free, vegan and use 100% renewable energy sources. With such a fantastic range there is something for everyone.

After being introduced to raw chocolate in 2007 Ben Fordham and Kaycee Burnett set out to create the perfect raw chocolate. With the help of Holistic Nutritional Therapist/British Association of Nutritional Therapists Elizabeth Montgomery, Mulu Chocolate has created 3 amazingly beautiful recipes that are also extremely good for your health. With raw cacoa, raw agave nectar, ground vanilla and sunflower lecithin these chocolates are dairy free, gluten free, soya free and vegan. Trying Mulu Chocolate is a must for anyone who enjoys chocolate.

Knead Bakery
After years of misdiagnosis as a child, Sim Smith now lives dairy, gluten, yeast and refined sugar free.  Despite these constraints Sim believes in foods which are full of taste and satisfaction. Through Knead Bakery Sim creates products from the very best ingredients to cater for multiple food allergy sufferers. A beautiful business from start to finish with beautiful products. Why not chomp some American Style cookies, dip a Ginger cookie or devour the fabulous Double Indulgence Brownie.


Created in Brighton in 2000 by Helen and Simon Pattinson, Montezuma's Innovative British Chocolate provides you with a wide array of delicious, modern flavours. From small beginings they have created a well loved and respected luxury family business which centres on trading fairly. Challenge your taste buds and try some today.


Recipe books by Grace Cheetham and Pippa Kendrick

Also keep an eye on this blog for product reviews both sweet and savoury from an extensive array of companies. Products both new and old that meet freefrom requirements with style and taste. Every now and then there is also a recipe that will be easy to make and delicious to eat. 

Thank you for reading have a wonderful freefrom day!

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  1. Kallo Foods have some good GF and DF items. Have to say I would rather NEVER eat chocolate again than to eat another packet of the blue moo free 'chocolate' blerg.