Saturday, 3 August 2013

Free From Rescue Pack

This month I am going to put down the laptop for long enough to enjoy a friends wedding. I love a good wedding but haven't been able to join in the last couple due to having a traumatic birth with our little one. This will be the first wedding I attend as a dairyfree, lactosefree, glutenfree, wheatfree and soya wary guest. 

(Pictures courtesy of beautiful flowers for all occasions) 

My excited anticipation of the event is not going to be overshadowed by my diet but I can't deny that there is a freefrom cloud gathering in my thoughts. To stop this becoming a real problem (and making me look like the neurotic eater in the group) I am making a plan. 

I have already phoned ahead to explain my dietary requirements (or restrictions depending on how you look at it) to the venue. They are also the hotel for the night and breakfast. I have been assured they can cater for me and that my meal won't be made to look especially different from the others. I am confident around friends and strangers but why should I have to look different or special? 
They also warmly welcomed me to bring food along if I wanted to and suggested they could keep it sealed and separate from the other foods in the kitchen as there are no mini fridges in the rooms. Although they have run through my food allergens/intolerances, I will ring to see what they will be providing for me at the set menu a couple of days before. Call me over sensitive if you like but I am keen to avoid having to ask more questions and make more checks on my friends special day. The worst case scenario for me would be to sit and eat melon and go hungry while everyone else tucks in to a three course meal!

Leopard lunch cooler bag from Lakeland!

The next obvious solution to me is a Rescue Pack. I have got quite used to taking snacks or lunch out with me wherever I go. When I visit my parents I often journey with a whole box of mine and little ones favourites. My Mum is more than capable of providing for us but nothing beats the foods you love most. The trouble will be pairing this down to just the foods and drinks I need for a day, night and breakfast. 

Here is my Rescue Pack in the making:

Peppermint tea bags
Plenty of squash made with tap water from home or mineral water (I suffer with regional water changes)
Dairy free milk - Alpro Almond seems to cover most uses, sweet or savoury and in coffee/hot chocolate
DS Crispbreads
Whole Earth Cornflakes
An ilumi meal or two
Mrs Crimbles Chocolate Macaroons 
Knead Bakery Brownie or Cookies
Princess Marshmallows
Chocolate for snacking - i.e. Mulu Buttons
Chocolate for indulging - i.e. Booja Booja Truffles

I will also take the antihistamines and painkillers that work for me. As a last resort I am also going to make up a card that lists what I avoid. In desperation, I can give this to the hotel staff as a checklist. However, knowing how fraught it can be in a hotel kitchen this is the last resort.

I will of course let you know how it goes ;)

Happy holidaying and partying!

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