Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Allergy Adventures

An imaginative, colouful and positive collection of stories enabling children (and adults) to understand food allergies and intolerances better. 

Author Hailey Philips knows first hand what it feels like to have a diet that requires complete exclusion of a food group, in her case due to coeliac disease. If this wasn't enough Haileys niece had an allergic reaction to egg at 8 months old. These personal experiences give you an understanding and empathy that only people in the same position have to endure. Any food allergy, intolerance or illness that requires you to completely exclude a food (often to the point of avoiding any potential cross contamination) has a physical and emotional impact on your life. 

With the help of illustrator Ivana Zorn, Hailey paints a wonderful picture of all the good foods children can experience at meal times even when avoiding allergens. The books avoid all 14 major allergens with the main character of each story identifying with a different allergen. Each story focuses the reader and listener on an enlightening tale of a meal time adventure where the foods they eat come to life. The stories encourage children to enjoy the foods they can eat whilst learning how to question whether foods are safe for them. Combined with glorious illustrations, the words of these stories leave a lasting, positive impression for children to take with them to future mealtimes. 

As an extra bonus each book finishes with a simple and tasty allergy free recipe.

Allergy Adventures are available have more information on their website HERE
If you feel your childs school would benefit from buying these books please pass on the details for the Allergy Adventures website.

We are delighted to announce that we are now selling these fabulous books on our website 

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