Wednesday, 27 November 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Last year we compiled a huge blog post of potential products, companies, bloggers and recipes for a fabulous freefrom Christmas (

This year we have decided to run a series of Christmas posts each focusing on a different aspect of freefrom festiveness.

Firstly we would like to help you celebrate Christmas with all the wonderful chocolates and treats we have at 
Please keep reading for extra indulgence.

Advent Calenders
This year we have sold out of all our advent calenders! We choose only the best and have provided Moo Free, Choices and Kinnerton. Next year we'll have even more!

Choices Santa Sacks
Filled with an extensive assortment of Choices bars, buttons and caramels, these unassuming nets of goodies are the perfect replacement for non freefrom selection packs

Montezuma's Chunky Dark Chocolate Snowmen

As with all the Montezuma's chocolate, these dark chocolate snowmen are a class of their own. With a deep and rich, satisfying chocolate flavour they command a good bite to break into. It seems cruel to finish them all off but who could resist?

Plamil Chocolate Snowmen
At this time of year there is no such thing as too many chocolate snowmen. As always Plamil have created a tempting and tasty treat that satisfies the strongest chocolate craving.

Booja Booja Gift Collection
Anyone who has tried a Booja Booja Truffle will understand that they epitomise luxury. Individual parcels of smooth, evocative flavour coated in sublime chocolate. If you haven't tried them yet then don't wait any longer this is the perfect time of year to treat yourself.

Recipe Books

A gift of a recipe book is a gift for creating eternal food happiness. Not only do the books we sell educate and inspire they also ooze comfort and charm in platefuls. There is something for eveyone to broaden your freefrom culinary horizons.

Christmas Variety Baskets
Our specially chosen selection of variety chocolates picks the best and tastiest products for Christmas nibbling. Designed for the young ones but equally suited to big kids too!

Cake Bakers Delight Tin

The perfect gift for anyone who wants to bake or loves to bake. This gorgeous cake tin comes filled with buttons, a bar of chocolate, marshmallows and festive cookie cutters. You can never have too many cupcakes or yummy chocolate to decorate them with!

Luxury Freefrom Christmas Hamper

What more could you want? A gorgeous wicker hamper full of treats and essentials to make your freefrom Christmas dreams come true. Savoury and sweet delights from all the best freefrom producers give you a fantastic Christmas time.

Personalised Hampers and Baskets

Send us an email and we can put together any items from our extensive range of chocolate and treats perfectly presented for you.

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