Sunday, 22 December 2013

Christmas Recipe E Book

We thoroughly enjoy making and baking in our house. Just because we are freefrom doesn't mean we miss out. I make it my mission to continue creating tasty and tempting food avoiding allergens and still providing a balanced diet. 

Over the past year, recipes have featured more and more on our Facebook and Twitter pages and have started their own page on the website. Due to their popularity we have created a Christmas recipe book with 12 fabulous freefrom recipes for you to enjoy. Like the chocolates and treats we sell, they are all lactose free, dairy free, wheat free, gluten free and soya free. 

The most festive of biscuits is superbly suited to being baked freefrom. This recipe stays moist, full of flavour and can be adapted to suit your tastebuds.

Yule Log and "Butter" Cream
 Christmas isn't complete without a chocolate Yule Log in our house. This dairy free and gluten free version has all the qualities of a non freefrom cake. I bet no one would know the difference.

Christmas Cake
This free from version is best made closer to Christmas as it keeps for less time than standard Christmas cakes, that is if you don't eat it all straight away! Why not decorate it with some homemade marzipan characters.

Mince Pie Pastry
Pastry can be crumbly, dry and unpalatable but this recipe uses apple puree to keep it lovely and moist and crisp. Perfect not only for mince pies but for other pies, pastries and maybe a jam tart?

If you have to avoid certain fruits, nuts or sulphites shop bought mincemeat may be impossible to find. Why not make your own and make your house smell gorgeous at the same time?

Brandy or Rum "Butter"
For an extra tipple that your granny will appreciate ;)

French Bread
A gorgeous loaf with a lovely flavour.

Yorkshire Puddings
An essential recipe to add to your festive plate.

Pumpkin Seed Crackers
The perfect accompaniment to dips and humus, chutney or free from cheese.

Vanilla Ice Cream
Tasty and easy peasy, this ice cream can be adapted using many different flavours to make your Christmas desserts magical.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

These are a family favourite packed full of chocolate chunks. They never fail to please anyone, free from or not!

Enjoy this festive E Book straight to your computer or smart phone for £4.50 from

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