Thursday, 19 December 2013

Immunology follow up appointment - more self diagnosis?

Reassuringly the outcome of my appointment was negative test results all the way through. Nine allergens, mast cell check and overall blood check showed no problems or reactions to anything. The knowledge that these tests have finally been performed is a relief. It has been 4 years of being pushed from pillar to post with varying diagnosis suggestions. Having tests carried out at least rules out any IgE allergies. 

If I was to concentrate on the negative side of the appointment it would have to be the consultants delight in telling me it was "nothing dangerous". I knew that there were no anaphylactic allergies present as I have never experienced an anaphylactic reaction. What I needed to know is that there were no low level IgE reactions happening to any of the triggers that clearly cause problems in my daily life (if consumed). This emphasis on not having a dangerous allergy niggled me. The implication was that as I was not IgE allergic there was no problem to deal with. However having experienced this same situation last year with the gastroenterology consultant I am trying to remind myself that it doesn't mean I don't have symptoms. 

Back to the positive side, the consultant was happy to refer me to the hospital dietitian who should have more training on issues such as histamine intolerance, FODMAP and non IgE allergies. Fingers are crossed that the dietitian is more knowledgeable and helpful than the local dietitian I have already seen several times. In the mean time I will continue to self diagnose by avoiding dairy, lactose, wheat, gluten and soya. Avoiding these triggers is easing my symptoms and I know that they are not good for me. Just because the NHS can't find out what is wrong it doesn't mean there isn't a problem. 

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