Friday, 21 February 2014


Ok I apologise to all of those reading this who don't use # or follow on Twitter or if you
find them annoying, but....

....Until today I hadn't discovered #hotchocolateaddict. This # has made me feel less guilty. Anyone who follows my ramblings will see that I am hooked on hot chocolate and rightly so. They are warming, comforting, dairyfree, lactose and glutenfree. You can make them vegan, soyafree and nutfree. You can dress them with cream and marshmallows and most of all they are delicious!

It takes time to find your perfect match. I have toiled long and hard to seek perfect hot chocolate combinations. There have been mistakes along the way (almost tearful moments!). I have even judged cafes for their efforts on "normal" hot chocolate and dare I say it, made suggestions!

Not many cafes and venues can pull off a freefrom hot chocolate so delight in the fact that it is very easy to make at home. The long and short of it is if you are freefrom or vegan don't despair, make a hot chocolate and feel all warm and snuggly inside ;)

Here is my favourite:

3 tsps caster sugar (use more or less depending on preference)
1 heaped teaspoon of cocoa powder
rice milk (can be any milk alternative)

Mix the dry caster sugar and cocoa powder together before adding the rice milk a little at a time. Mix into a smooth paste before adding the rest of the milk. Heat in the microwave or on the hob. Top with marshmallows, wait until they have started melting, enjoy!

Of course if you don't fancy mixing and you want a special treat we also sell Plamil Hot Chocolate Flakes you can just add to your hot milk ;)

Raw cocoa powder from The Raw Chocolate Company with agave syrup makes extra healthy hot chocolate

Sometimes the wrong marshmallows just ruin a hot chocolate! These refused to melt!

But the right marshmallows are divine - Belinda Clark Confectionery
(not all dairyfree and glutenfree please check flavours)

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