Monday, 28 April 2014

1066 Cake Stand

Being an allergy friendly blogger has its rewards and none are sweeter than meeting 1066 Cake Stand on Twitter and being sent some of their heavenly treats. As always we are completely unbiased before taste testing any products and give them our full scrutiny. When they pass the high standards we delight in telling you all about them. 

These sweets need shouting about from the roof tops. They are all gluten free and wheat free and vegan so use no dairy, eggs or animal products anywhere on site (nuts are used in their products). 

1066 Cake Stand produce a great selection of traditional and modern favourite sweets as well as the cakes and savouries that you can buy in their Hastings shop. We thoroughly enjoyed the sweets we tasted, here is what we thought:

Chocolate Fudge - Slightly crunchy sugary texture, great chocolate taste, very moreish wrapped in cute individual paper wrappers, would make a lovely gift if you could resist eating them yourself!

Caramels - smell wonderful as you open the packet, smooth and tasty, very creamy and buttery flavour, as gooey as you would expect and hope for.

Coconut Ice - crumbly with a lovely strong coconut taste and texture, mildly sweet, moist and creamy. A great balance of flavours.

Peanut Brittle - Surprisingly my favourite sweet from the selection (I'm not usually a peanut brittle fan), smells fantastic, melting and fudgey texture, satisfying sugary-ness, a great balance of peanut, fudge and crunch!

Cinder Toffee - also known as honeycomb, nice crunch followed by a sticky and chewy buttery flavour, mouth watering as it is but would also be fantastic coated in chocolate.

Fizzy Wigglers - soft and sugary, mildly sour and very fruity sweets, perfect for kids or big kids. In a variety of flavours, all are as tasty as each other.

Sherbert - authentic sherbert appearance and taste which is zingy, granular and fun. Would be great included as a cupcake topping or sprinkled over fruit.

If you would like to order any of these sweets find out more at 

Watch this space as these sweets may be appearing for sale on our website

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