Monday, 14 April 2014

Tideford Organics - Superb Soup

Eat 7 portions of fruit and veg each day! No problem!

We are in love with soup right now and we're not the only ones. Plus if you are striving to eat all your 7 a day then soup will be a great comfort to you. The weather in the UK means that a good soup can be enjoyed pretty much all year round. Warming and filling in the winter, light and refreshing in the summer. Team it with glutenfree bread, crisps or trendy hummus chips or just eat it on its own. 
I always think I can create amazing soups with leftover roast or fresh herbs. The truth of the matter is as much as I enjoy the Georges Marvellous Medicine process I vastly prefer buying from an expert producer.

I enter competitions very rarely and when I do it is always because I would really love to win the products on offer. I never thought I would win the scrummy soups on offer at Gluten Free By The Sea, but I am very glad I did. 

"Tideford Organics is an independent organic food manufacturer from Totnes in Devon. Founded in 1996 on the family aga we have enjoyed 16 wonderful award-laden years. We produce award winning, organic, chilled soups, cooking sauces, pestos, porridges and puddings in retail and catering formats. Our products are gluten free, low fat, low salt and organic. We also have vegetarian and vegan products."

Tideford Organics are made just down the road from me in Totnes. They are bound to be fantastic as the standard of food produced around the South Hams is always high. There is also a focus on providing alternative, artisan products. The Tideford Organics range is glutenfree (except porridges) but not entirely allergy free or vegan. However the knowledge within this caring company means that any coeliac, vegan or allergy sufferer will be more than happy with the companies credentials. 

My prize consisted of four generous pots (600ml two large servings for me) of soup in different flavours and some rice pudding (contains dairy) to keep hubby happy! We always use him as a bench mark for standard foods and he is always happy to help ;)

Tomato, Red Pepper and Lentil
Mild and carefully balanced in flavour. This lightly seasoned soup has a great tomato base with good red pepper and lentil taste. A touch watery for my personal taste but not enough to grumble about. With only 84kcal per half pot it is a great choice if you are watching your weight or not seeking a heavy meal.

Minestrone with Gluten Free Pasta
A pleasant tomato base which is complimented with chunky vegetables, great gluten free pasta tubes and a subtle spicy heat. With more seasoning and thicker than the tomato, red pepper and lentil this minestrone is a great freefrom alternative to classic minestrone soup.

Spicy Butternut Squash and Sweet Potato
Lovely balance of butternut squash and sweet potato. Lightly spiced with a good depth of flavour but not too much heat. An exciting more unusual choice especially if you tire of tomato or plain vegetable.

Spinach and Split Pea
The lovely deep green colour tempted even our nearly 3 year old to eat this soup. While thinking of aliens he thoroughly enjoyed it! For grown ups it is a coarse but not too chunky texture with the perfect balance of flavour between vegetables and seasoning.

Butterscotch Rice Pudding
Sweet and satisfying and almost sickly (in a good way) were the most eloquent words I could pries from hubby. Needless to say he enjoyed every bit.

I can't recommend Tideford Organics highly enough for great quality food and choice. If we all try a Tidefords Organics soup we can hopefully see even more gluten free, dairy free and vegan choices in their range and more places stocking their wares.

Find out more about Tideford Organics on their website and you could read Kevin at Gluten Free By The Sea's review too.

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