Thursday, 31 July 2014

Consider It....

There is a little known fact that my friends on social media are the best I could ever wish for. They are supportive, knowledgeable and always keep me on the ball. Thanks to a couple of tweets I got in contact with the genius chocolatier Claire Baker at Consider It Chocolates.

This small home of chocolate magic made in Edinburgh by Claire Baker started in October 2012. With professional chefs for parents and a keen eye for chocolate loveliness, Claire creates delicious vegan and gluten free chocolates using Belgian dark chocolate, non dairy cream and wonderful ganache. These chocolate bars and truffles are complimented by favourite flavours from traditional chocolate boxes such as raspberry, orange, mint, amaretto and vanilla. There are also more modern delights such as sea salt caramel, cinnamon or honeycomb.

The mini bars have a sleek modern tapered shape that gives a great snap when bitten. The larger bars have less of a snap but look just as tempting. The chocolate itself is refreshingly dark Belgian chocolate which makes it very glossy, sweet and less bitter than a dark chocolate. The centres of the bars are soft, smooth and rich ganache each with carefully chosen flavours.

The bars are very reasonably priced at £2.00 for a mini truffle bar (40g) and £4.00 for a large truffle bar (100g). You can also buy a fantastic, luxurious, selection box of 12 ganache filled, mixed flavour individual truffles for £11.00. There is a huge gap for these products in the freefrom and vegan market.

The flavours I have tasted have all been delicious. I am sure the whole range carries the same high standard and quality. Here is what I thought;

Nothing But Chocolate Truffle Bar
A wonderful rich, aromatic bar with a deep and smooth flavour. A crisp outer chocolate shell that gives a crack on biting leading to an accomplished ganache centre.

Raspberry Truffle Bar
Mild and subtle true raspberry flavour with small amount of pips gives authenticity before giving way to the very complimentary Belgian chocolate taste.

Sea Salt and Caramel Truffle Bar
This bar is embellished with a pretty edible gold swirl detail with an indulgent centre which is gooey, runny, salty and syrupy caramel beyond your imagination for any chocolate (let alone a freefrom/vegan chocolate). Far and away my favourite this bar is indulgent and satisfying for my sweet tooth and chocolate cravings.

Cinnamon Truffle Bar
A mild natural hint of cinnamon gives an unusual and interesting twist to the Belgian chocolate. Perhaps reminiscent of winter and Christmas treats.

Orange Truffle Bar
Fresh and true cirtus flavour permeates every mouthful of this beautifully textured truffle. Retaining its smooth centre and outer crunch despite being a strong flavour it is never overpowering instead very well balanced.

Mint Truffle Bar
A very mild minty flavour nicely building the more you devour. A good contender for an after dinner mint chocolate, perfect for sharing, if you can?

The Consider It website requires a little more information to satisfy us obsessive label readers and careful allergen avoidance, however, Claire is extremely knowledgeable about her products is very keen to answer any questions.

Please pay them a visit here at Consider It and enjoy :)

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