Monday, 6 October 2014


While visiting the Eden Project you can not fail to notice their love of the unusual. The Rain Forest Biome is full of flowers, bananas, cocoa pods and a certain super food called Baobab.

Rich in vitamin C and B2, containing twice as much calcium as milk, antioxidant and a boost to your health, Baobab has been consumed for centuries in Africa. The strange tree often noted for its upside down appearance with its root like branches is resistant to fire, drought and termites. Remarkably it is little known outside of Africa. Recently their have been several ethical export schemes put in place to help improve the lives of local people farming the baobab tree. These schemes are making baobab more widely available to people.

Baobab tastes smooth and sweet and is a useful addition in smoothies or baking. It also has thickening properties and can be use in stews and soups. I have personally tried it at The Eden Project and made smoothies with it at home. I enjoy its creamy taste and look forward to adding it to cakes and puddings over winter.

You can buy baobab powder from The Eden Project and health food shops.

The Eden Project - Baobab

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