Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Tasha's Dairy Free Delights

Since I ceased trading as Love Free From I have been keen to help direct people to other small businesses that are fabulous at supplying great products to freefrom customers. 

One company that I can't speak highly enough of is Tasha's Dairy Free Delights
As a sole trader, freefrom chocolate creator and all round lovely lady, Tasha uses established freefrom brands Plamil and Moo Free to create a multitude of fun, funky or festive treats. 

I am always impressed with Tasha's care and attention to detail. The fabulous ideas Tasha creates provide modern favourites for children with allergies. How about chocolate Lego men and bricks, Halloween spooks, Easter bunnies and golden coins for Christmas?

Tasha also makes delicious truffles, wedding favours and personalised gifts. There is something for every occasion and every age group to enjoy.

You can also find a selection of freefrom products that are difficult to find elsewhere. There are Christmas advent calenders and selection boxes, Wot No Dairy yoghurts, Biovegan baking mixes, Orgran and more are available to buy on the website right now.

All products are carefully packaged and posted straight to your home or work place. All you have to do is choose which to buy first.

I was delighted to be able to put the following questions to Tasha at Tasha's Dairy Free Delights about her business.

Q: What encouraged you to start your business? 

I started my business as I have two god daughters who are lactose intolerant and struggled to find a nice selection of treats for them for birthdays, Christmas and Easter. I also have allergies myself and realised that more and more people out there, both adults and children suffered from both dairy and soya allergies and options were minimal as to what they could buy so I wanted to make something that was both dairy and soya free but with choices i.e. boxes of chocolate, lollies, truffles etc not just one single product. 

Q: Where does your chocolate come from?

I use Plamil couverture for my chocolates as there is a wider choice, rice milk, dark, diabetic, white etc and it is also 100% nut free and if requested i can also use Moo Free couverture.  

Q: How do you ensure your chocolate is safe from allergens? 

It is made in a separate kitchen, i had a utility room converted into my chocolate room so that any food from my house cannot cross contaminate with my chocolate, the room is locked when not in use.

Q: Which products are your best sellers? 

Bounty Bars, Chocolate Coins and Lego Men are very good sellers. 

Q: What is your favourite product to make? 

Definitely the bounty bars, they take time and a lot of effort but when complete they taste so much like the real ones. 

Q: If you could make any freefrom product (no budget or restrictions) what would you like to make? 

A dairy free version of smarties. I have a lot of requests and i am still looking into this but being a small business it is difficult to do on a small scale. There are talks with two companies though......

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