Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Sweet Revolution Chocolates

It seems to me that when you look for a great quality chocolate and find that they are also free from allergens you can't fail to be impressed. Both quality and purity of ingredients combine with a handcrafted, raw chocolate making process in this brand to make a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Sweet Revolution chocolates were recommended to me by a fellow allergy sufferer. In looking up their social media accounts I was naturally drawn to their product range. Luck was on my side as some weeks later I won a selection of these tempting bars in a competition and was able to enjoy them at last.

Unwrapping a Sweet Revolution bar is a luxurious process. The outer paper sleeve is dark, tantalising and seductive. The text tells you all you need to know clearly explaining the ingredients, provenance and awards given to the bar that lies inside. The subsequent layers of foil and tissue feel like you are unwrapping a present you have sneakily bought for yourself and have every right to savor. Each bar is embossed with a pretty cocoa pod, seed and leaf design lending itself to be broken into uneven shards instead of regular squares.The initial texture of each bar is smooth and silky with some graininess towards the end of the bite. For the taste of each flavour please read on:

Mellow and dark with vanilla hints

Mild natural mint flavour over the mellow chocolate base

Medium natural orange flavour over the mellow chocolate base

Deep and satisfying flavour with a slight bitter note, my favourite by far

Fresh lime smell and taste which makes your mouth water over the mellow chocolate base

Initially unusual ginger flavour which improves over time perhaps due to the use of oil rather than the more commonly used crystalised ginger

The Sweet Revolution range has something for everyone and also includes other products which can be found on their website:

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