Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Punch Superseeds

There is something satisfying about gaining extra nutrition from something so small and super!

Recently I have been inspired by many freefrom chefs to simplify my cooking, cook entirely from scratch (which suits our family dietary requirements best) and pay attention to the ingredients that help you achieve great health.

A little while ago I was sent some samples of Punch Foods Superseeds. They are fun products, fantastic quality and fabulous flavours.

All of the range are 100% dairyfree, glutenfree and vegan. In addition they are also organic, natural, high fibre and high protein.

Here are some of my thoughts on the flavours I tried:

Mega Omega
A mildly spicy Japanese Tamari mixture which is high in omega 3. I used this in great quantities on top of rice cakes topped with Pure Sunflower spread. It makes a tasty and satisfying snack and is equally useful as a topping for soups or on homemade bread.

Feel The Heat
A bit of a kick from this mixture containing paprika, cayenne and Tamari. The smoky flavour of the paprika is very welcome as it is a flavour often missing from a freefrom diet. This mixture can be used in the same way as described above but I also loved it on top of a cooked chicken meal.

Meet Your Maca
The perfect way to introduce your taste buds to maca. A mild but flavoursome root that provides a sweet and pleasant addition to all kinds of food. It is renowned for a variety of health benefits including chronic fatigue syndrome, osteoporosis and depression Webmd Maca. I love this mixture for breakfast on porridge or cereal.

Raw Cocoa Boost
Who can resist raw cocoa butter, cocoa powder and coconut? I adore this combination of flavours. Mixed with healthy seeds you can relax in the knowledge that this little treat is perfectly guilt free. I loved adding this mixture to the top of muffins and spooning it onto the top of dairy free yoghurt.

Please find out much more on the website of Punch Foods or follow them on social media #accessoriseyourfood

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